A smuggled grin and kissy lips…

A smuggled grin and kissy lips…

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 My mother kept me on the straight and narrow and me auldfella did his best to set me astray.  Mam was always my moral compass.  Dad was … well I’m not sure he was but his morals were often a little sketchy despite his best intentions and I don’t think even my mother would have wanted me to follow his direction at times.

My da was a bit of a rogue.  He was far too clever for the mundanity of his daily work and it showed in the stuff he got up to.   I never truly got to know him the way a son should and that makes me a little sad.  He died way too early, much like my mother and I think it’s often only later in life that one comes to appreciate one’s parents.  He’d have never said “One” so he’s probably turning in his grave.

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