To begin at the beginning is often proferred as the best advice. Everything starts somewhere and New Year always offers the promise that we can reimagine ourselves once again this new year.

The slate can be wiped and we can become the thing we have yet not found a way become despite repeated New Years and God knows how many attempts.

The promise of what lies ahead is in truth no more or less than how effective we each are at setting and achieving our own personal goals. I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions except perhaps the logical promise to myself to shift the Christmas over indulgence from my waistline.

2020 has been such a terrible year, one like no other that gives us a sense of hope for 2021 maybe more than any other year. Our world has been changed by the pandemic. I have to admit it has even changed my outlook somewhat.

Getting back to doing simple things we took for granted, in itself will be a great change. But people will make all sorts of resolutions. New attitude, new excercise regime, new healthy lifestyle, cut out booze or cigarettes there are going to be so many promises made as usual.

To b

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