When days have meaning…

When days have meaning…

Today is a special day…

Love is and should always be, ever present in a relationship. It should never be taken for granted, nor relied upon for one’s own salvation. It is of itself; a thing of wonder and I believe can only truly be shared in the absence of selfish indulgence.  It is a hard thing to find, harder to keep and easy to diminish. Sometimes, there are those who forget, who let slip the weight of kindness and leave it all too late to remember how important our loved ones are to us. Not so me, for I wear my big old creaky heart on my sleeve and I fearlessly defend my right to tell those who matter to me, what they mean to me.

Take my darling Jo. She is indeed my sweetheart, although it may seem foolish to use such a term at my age, it is nonetheless so very true. I wake up each day blessed to have her in my life, happier for hearing her laughter, stronger for the holding of her hand. She has saved me later in life than I deserved to have been saved. I have with her help, rediscovered what a joy life can be. My darling, my love, Joanna is there always, unfalteringly brave even at the worst of times, and that I say she has saved me is truly an understatement.  But she is not only a fine and wonderfully strong woman; she is also the slip of a girl that I love, the dainty flutter in my heart, my Flutterlfy.

I am by nature such a melancholy man, I cover up my darkness with smiles and laughter as best I can, but I am running on empty a little of late. Perhaps we all feel that way this year. But I have someone special in my life who always raises the corners of my mouth to find my true smile. There is no finer woman, no kinder soul than my darling Jo.

We know what love means the two of us. I am not talking just of romantic love, but of the love that cradles and nurtures, the love that carries weight and lifts burdens, the love that anticipates and always sees the importance of kindness. 

Love is fine indeed when it is so gently given, freely, without condition or agenda. My beautiful Joanna is in herself truly fine and I cannot help but be grateful for the happiness she has brought to my life, for isn’t each day wonderful when you are loved.

Today is her birthday, a day she is shy to celebrate, but for me it is a day to be grateful for because my sweetheart has made my life so very special every single day. Happy Birthday to the woman I shall always love, my heart, my eye, my colour, my shine, my strength, my darling…my Flutterlfy…

19 thoughts on “When days have meaning…

  1. This is a wonderful love, indeed. And how right you are – although romantic love is nice, it cannot be sustained without the kind you described. My husband and I found each other later in life too, and this could have been my post. Thank you for sharing, and please wish your darling Jo a very happy birthday from one of your blog friends.

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  2. A great piece as always, Patrick, and touching but in a meaningful, not frivolous way. I’m pleased for you both.

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    1. Just told her Tom Thanks.. luckily I had just made her tea before hand 😂. Her sister passed away in December as you know, and it’s a tough birthday because Lauren’s birthday would have been yesterday as well. That being said.. we shall make the most of today. She thanks you for the birthday wishes. .. note I’m also in all meal duties and may even be forced to be the Prosecco waiter this evening.. life is tough 😜


  3. This so resonates with me. Yes, I may curse him out sometimes, I may swear and shout some days – but he is my world and together forever so they say 🙂

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