28 Days later..Day 58… The Handmaid’s Trump

28 Days later..Day 58…                          The Handmaid’s Trump

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

There are many stages of a pandemic and apparently one of these is called the divisive stage.  I sense it coming already in Li’l old Ireland. Patience is wearing thin and the understandable frustrations are bubbling close to the surface, as it looks like we are about to get our lockdown extended. It is 2 months now to the day, since our first diagnosed case here and over 1100 people have sadly died.

This is a small country and we have done reasonably well, to have kept an overwhelming surge to our health system at bay. Maybe the problem to some extent, is that people can be quite selfish and they just see numbers, not the close family members who have passed without a proper send off. 1100 seems small when compared to global numbers. Sadly in a country this size it is not. Only 3,600 people died in the 30 years of ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland. I apologise for the only, but over 1,100 have died in 2 months. Still the majority of us are keeping the ship sailing and doing our best to follow the rules for the sake of our whole community.

More worrying is what’s happening across the water in a country that while it is relatively young as a nation state, is starting to sound older by the day. I know many Americans have a difficulty with liberalism, which they identify as basically socialism if not almost communism for some on the extreme right, and that still remains a word that evokes a cultural, visceral response.

It is largely due to the cold war antics of both sides creating fear and waging global puppet wars especially post WW2. What is odd therefore, is how America seems to be afraid to speak about the Stalinist utterances from their own president. The press being the enemy of the people is straight out of Stalin’s playbook, suppression of truth and dissemination of state sponsored spin on a daily basis, are all reminiscent of the former Soviet Union. I’m surprised there aren’t giant pictures of Trump in every major city like there were in other dictatorships. I know I exaggerate but leave me some licence and forgive me for my sins.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. As a multi genre writer, I have yet to dip my toe into Dystopia but I wonder if the Dystopian novel might not be in trouble.  Look around? Like I say it’s not my traditional genre but when the world is in the state it’s in now, how bad can things get?  Maybe I’ll have a go at it, only, and apologies to my family and friends in America, I have to pick on a setting and at the minute it’s just the obvious choice. Let’s fast forward a few months.

We enter the world of U.S. elections in November 2020 and Sleepy Joe has apparently become the favourite given the rest of the country are in their bedrooms as well. The Covid-19 pandemic has resurged in the Autumn (or should I say Fall – oh the trouble we International writer’s have) and desperate to gain in the polls, Don has tried and failed to improve his polling, resulting in increasingly crazy conspiracy theories being spun from the Whitehouse.  The elections take place and lo and behold, Joe wipes the floor with Donald with a greater than imagined majority, as more and more Americans just want rid of the increasingly despotic and erratic leader.

But a man so obsessed with power, simply can’t’ imagine conceding such a massive loss. It is unimaginable for him to say he was wrong, or that he has lost to anyone, let alone a man that over the months he characterised more and more as a loser. The only solution is to declare that it’s a fake result.  The election has been stolen from him through a number of conspiracies and he insists on something he cannot have, a re-run. In the run up to Joe’s inauguration in January, Don invigorates his still strong base of supporters, the do or die type, and calls for them to liberate their states. Gangs of armed militia, repeatedly protest in states still believing every word from the man they cannot believe is ever wrong. Sound familiar? Is this too soon?

Alright, I’m not writing a novel here but you get the idea, a beaten man, unable to hand over power generates momentum for a break-up of the Union.  It is nothing short of civil war. Now don’t get me wrong this might sound familiar if you’ve read Margaret Atwood’s splendid The Handmaid’s Tale, but I can’t help it that Margaret thinks like me. Perhaps we are all plagiarists. There was a time when such a notion would have been unimaginable, but as extreme as it seems, is such a thing really that unimaginable now?

It is weird how a young country has gone from strength to strength in just a couple of centuries and from a once envied state, it has now and very quickly descended into the country most pitied. All the while, there is a man at the helm shouting “Lets make America great again.” A man with such a narcissistic approach to everything, a person incapable of yielding the floor and capable of telling one bare faced lie after another to achieve his goal, is not now, nor never was suited for high office.

That America has been seen to try to assert pressure by what looks to the rest of the world like ugly bullying and threats, simply isolates the country from other nations that once allied themselves to an America they trusted in the past. To lie, bully and renege on promises, to insult those world leaders who once respected the office of the American President, was never a good idea. To feign friendship with enemies of the state, only to go back to hating them at the drop of a hat, then to try and pretend to be friends again when it suits, is adolescent at best.

The lack of maturity embodied in the President of a country that styled itself successfully at one time as leader of the free world, has diminished all things American to the rest of the world, and it should not reflect on the good people of America upon whom he has unleashed his nonsensical polices daily. Unfortunately, it does.

My politics carry no bias in this matter. I am not American and who the leader of that country is only impacts on me in terms of business and economy. The problem for America at the moment is that the man in charge is so vain, that he can only live in a world where he is always right and can never admit to a mistake. I can say for certain our government in Ireland, have made a bucket load of mistakes and will continue to do so. But what government or leader hasn’t? You can’t think of any leaders like that?  Here’s a few hints for you, Kim Jong-Un, Hitler, Stalin.  Now don’t get me wrong, he’s no Hitler, as far as I know, Hitler had a plan.

There is a hole in the old door of St Patrick’s cathedral in Dublin, with an interesting story. In 1492 two feuding families, the Butlers and the Fitzgeralds, ended up fighting over who should become Lord Deputy. The Butlers took refuge in the Cathedral and when Gerald Fitzgerald cut a whole in the church door then subsequently put his hand through to offer it in friendship, he risked getting it cut off with a sword. Instead, the symbolism was recognised and they shook hands to end the dispute. This is where the term ‘chancing your arm’ comes from.

When this is all over the United States of America’s light will be at best, an ember in the fire of the pandemic, but largely because the man in charge of the fire was too busy on twitter to keep the fire lighting. Bringing their country back is not simply a matter of rebuilding the economy. It is about finding a leader who respects their constituents and looks outward to re-join the world of diplomacy and proper commerce. It will depend on social solutions never contemplated, much as it will here in Ireland.

We have to change our ways, but we are a country that has learned from being on its knees. I know that here in Ireland, we will find our way back to normal, perhaps a new normal, but that’s part of the secret, being able to adapt. Perhaps I should share the secret. Remember my story about the Butlers and the Fitzgeralds? Hold out your hand not your sword and you will be helped to get back on your feet. Let’s hope when this is all over, we have survived with a new understanding of what community means in a global sense. I fear worse may yet be to come for many. May you all stay safe wherever you are, and my dystopian tale be nothing more than that…

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26 thoughts on “28 Days later..Day 58… The Handmaid’s Trump

  1. What’s that phrase … ‘Many a true word spoken in jest …’
    A piece written with your usual panache, Patrick and like you, I’m not a man who makes political statements publicly but I agree with every word my friend. The man at the helm across the pond is surely at the wrong end of the rifle barrel. 🙂 Better men in his position have died for less than he’s done.
    You live in one of the smallest countries on the planet and it grieves me to see such a percentage of fatalities there. Your land has seen enough blood spilt without good people disappearing because of a virus.
    Stay safe and take care of you and yours, even if it does sound a bit selfish. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Tom, I don’t like making political statements but to be honest my piece is more a personal, sartorial musing on a man responsible for so much hurt in his country and internationally than political commentary, hard to separate them out as he is the U.S. President. 🤔☘️🎈


      1. Never Leo’s biggest fan but so far he’s done a a reasonable job with an impossible challenge. Thanks for stopping by – that’s as ‘political’ as this blog gets. I said it’s not political because that refers to government or public affairs of a state.. I was not referring to the office of President- just the
        Man.. and maybe I crossed the line I just defined -but I’m splitting hairs.. I won’t argue because unlike him I’m often wrong anyway 😂 stay safe my friend ☘️🎈

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  2. Like both you and Tom I seldom comment on politics on social media but I do agree with everything you have written Patrick. I can’t get my head around how anyone can follow this man who appears to have not one redeeming feature. The only thing he has done is to show the world how a narcissist behaves – he reminds me of my mother who was also never wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lu.. one of the many differences between himself and meself is I’m regularly wrong.. and happy to put my hand up. The person who never made a mistake never made anything- isn’t that what they say? Besides if I didn’t make the mistake of marrying my first wife I’d not have married my second one 😂😂😂🎈☘️🎈😉


  3. Well said, as always! I stay away from political commentary myself, preferring instead to be a safe respite for readers from so much of it spewing forth from both sides on the news and in the media. That being said, it is becoming harder and harder every day, and feel that this coming election is so important that it may likely be necessary to jump into the fray, myself. My greatest fear is not a ‘civil war’ per see, although would not rule out anything at this point, but rather that upon losing the election King Trump refuses to abdicate power and challenges the results in the courts ad nauseam, along with all of the devastating rulings and environmental protections he would dismantle thru Executive Order on the way out. Each day is more incredulous than the last here on this side of the pond. I have added the line “Please God, save us all from this President, and make it go away” to my morning and evening prayers. Meanwhile, the Trump and Republican nightmare and embarrassment continue. . . The fact that he is still supported by ANYONE

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    1. Thank you for the visit. Just read your blog on Phoebe and I was touched. Couldn’t leave a comment for some reason but I’ve had dogs all my life and 3 at the minute. One of our 3 saved my life, literally so I know when the time consuming my heart will break again.. stay safe my friend ☘️🎈

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  4. I’m sick to my stomach. You just so eloquently voiced everything I’ve thought for the past 4 years. And that’s terrifying. Call me a coward, but those are the very reasons I don’t post anything negative about him on social media. Fear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I tend to stay away from negatives.. I did wrap up on the positive I hope 🤔 Sometimes being part of something historically significant is a horrible thing, but we will get through this if we all take care of each other .. stay safe ☘️🎈

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  5. If you run, I will vote for you!!

    I’m an American and what you have written is so sadly true…
    It seems like if there were any justice the virus would at least
    insure that the Emperor of Orange does not lead us into a
    dynasty of relatives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fortunately for you .. as an Irishman I’m ineligible. I love the saying that having a desire to be in power should in itself make you ineligible. 😉 thanks for stopping by and commenting ☘️🎈

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  6. Reblogged this on natshouseblog and commented:
    My dear Irish colleague. Great minds think alike so it is a wonderful moment indeed when I find I have risen to that height if only for a moment. Great piece. Trump will soon be gone and so will the virus. America will remain, smarter, wiser and less likely to be fooled again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice to hear from you.. I have close family in Chicago and my dear departed brother loved his adopted country so I know the man doesn’t reflect most Americans. I have always been treated with kindness and generosity on my many visits.. let’s hope this too shall pass. ☘️🎈

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  7. As an actual American, having Trump at the helm is among the most disheartening experiences in my politic life. I made it through Nixon. I survived Bush II. I got the Vietnam war, but this is by far the most horrible government we’ve ever had and then, on top of that, a good old fashioned plague. And what with so many food processing places shut down, I think we may get Famine too. We’ve never stopped having a war. So that’s three out of four. And so I have to wonder what’s coming next.

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    1. don’t despair.. we are all in this together. People like Trump try to isolate groups to generate fear from which they thrive. Irish American Indian French.. we are all the same.. lets help each other not create divisions. ☘️🎈

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  8. It is appalling to me, that i hear from friends and acquaintances that i thought were intelligent people yet they still speak out for this jerk. I think the number of women showing up for political positions is a positive response. Now if only the jerk doesn’t find another way of stealing the next election. I cannot imagine the chaos and turbulence that will come down on our heads if he stays in the WH. Thanks, as always for your words and thinking.

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