The space in the break of my heart…

The space in the break of my heart…

A reblog on the day that is in it…

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My mother died 25 years ago. She was sixty. To be honest it was a devastating loss. We lost our father two years earlier through a long battle with cancer but Mam? Well she simply disappeared one night, or at least that’s how it felt. She had come through a brief enough medical battle which in itself was life threatening. She was on the way back out of that battle all seemed well.Mam went out with her sisters for the first time since her battle began as if to celebrate her return. She dropped dead holding on to her sister’s hand, singing.

Today is her birthday. She would be eighty five. I saw her two days before she died and I never saw her again. I was called to the hospital at two in the morning, but the body that lay on that hospital bed wasn’t Mam. She was gone…

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7 thoughts on “The space in the break of my heart…

  1. I feel your pain. My mom was my world. I feel sad each year on her birthday as well. When she died in 2011 (a month after the disaster with World Trade centers and other places, which was still fresh in our minds), my world fell apart. I lost my ability to care or love. My father had died in 1979 at the age of 48. I’ve lost two brothers and one sister, all in their 40’s. It’s just me and my younger brother now. When my friend and I published our first book, I would have loved her to be here. She had written stories for us when we were children. Unfortunately, she destroyed them when they were “not what a magazine publisher” was looking for. Today, she could have published them as an indie. I guess this all means she raised me right. A wonderful woman.

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  2. I believe it’s a testament to your ability to portray the emotions that I recalled this article from the first time I read it. The piece is also evidence of your sincere and brutally honest character. Most of all, of course, it clearly relates the love you and your mam shared. She lives on in you so there’s no need to worry about her seeing you become the man you are. 🙂

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