Brace yourself…and damn you Leonardo DiCaprio….

Brace yourself…and damn you Leonardo DiCaprio….

Oh yes we’ve run out of feckin’ bread! Now it’s storm Emma and the Beast from the East, bringing Arctic conditions to our little, green Island. Sure won’t white be nice for a change? There is an element of panic that always slightly amuses and considerably annoys me. I guarantee you, alcohol sales have shot through the roof, along with there not being a scrap of bread in the shops. You wouldn’t want to be caught out without a drop of gargle in a snow storm now would you?

On Monday, official Ireland responded with some wonderful language. The worst winter weather in 36 years is predicted, but the Met Office said,” there may be a possibility of a large snow event.” Sounds like the Winter Olympics are coming! But don’t panic, the Government have vowed to “Keep the country open.” That being said, they’ll close the schools for a start, then the buses will stop, forget the LUAS!

Keep the country open! The first hint of snow always means my usual half hour trip home takes three hours, as every fecker who has never seen snow on a road before, will panic or just flippin’ crash into something for the sake of it.



We’ve been told to brace ourselves and get winter ready. When has an Irish person EVER been winter ready? Rain ready yes, but snow…Jaybus no! Where are all those LIDL and ALDI snow shovels when you need them eh? Brace ourselves indeed – it sounds like how the Nuns used to explain foreplay to good Catholic girls back in 1970’s Ireland.

“You’ll kneel down, say a prayer that you’ll conceive of this act then turn the lights out wait for your husband to come to bed and then you brace yourself.”

There is nothin’ like Catholic shame and guilt to get you in the mood. On that very subject, rumour has it that Arctic storms like this tend to result in a spike in births 9 months later – so – brace yourself ladies. Perhaps that’s what the government meant to say?

Somewhere in Russia, they are flicking through clickbait on the internet and seeing that there is a possibility of blizzards and -10 degree centigrade in Ireland. Some Ivan or Ivana is looking skyward and thinking “sounds delightful.” Those Vodka drinkin’ hardy boys and girls would be swimming in the Volga at -10.

There are Canadians, Scandinavians and a whole bunch of other ‘ians, laughing their holes off wondering what’s the big deal. Well let me tell you guys there is a difference. Countries that are familiar with the snow and cold, are prepared. They have winter tyres, snow chains, 4X4’s, proper snow shovels, not just a spade you use to plant tulips. They have fur coats made from animals they have shot with their own rifles and deer meat hanging on the back porch to get them through. They have gritted roads, snow ploughs, gloves – proper ones that don’t soak up the snow, snow shoes, winter- proof houses and common sense.

We have fella’s driving Nissan Micras with bald tyres at 4mph down the motorway being overtaken by BMW’s with summer tyres passing them in the fast lane at 100mph thinking they are invincible. There’ll be people, feckin’ dinner salt on the snow two days after it lands, pouring kettles of boiling water on their front steps where they’ll invariably come a cropper later on that day.

Some auld langer in a pair of speedos will be on the telly swimming in the 40 foot, saying that he has swam there every day since Jesus was a boy and a little bit of snow won’t stop him. Keep the country open? If this storm is a quarter as bad as predicted, we’ll be scavenging for food and turning on each other with pikes before the week is out. Remember that book and film Alive, about the Argentinian rugby team who crashed in the Andes and started eating their dead. Well that’s were we are headed if we’re not careful.



Don’t Panic? I’ve already dug a fallout shelter in case we get cut off from the rest of the world and the Trumpster starts feckin’ missiles at the Russians for telling on him about the whole election fraud thingy. There could be an all-out nuclear war and we won’t even hear about it!

This morning we woke up to find out that in fact, the Met office underestimated the early snowfall.  Had to dig my way out and the roads were a flippin’ disaster. Of course I had no problem, because I engage the thing called ‘my brain’ when driving in the snow. Honestly, if you don’t know how to drive in the snow – DON’T DO IT! Strictly speaking it’s not hard, higher gear than usual, low speed, no sudden movements, don’t brake unnecessarily and keep your distance.  You’d want to see the Muppets I met on the road this morning.

Now the problem for me is getting home of course. All the eejits I met this morning will  be heading back, only in more of a hurry to get home than they were to get to work.  Lucky I’m a man with lots and lots of  patience. So long as I remember to have a wazz before I leave, I’ll be fine.

Now the yellow alert has jumped through orange to red alert. We have the Beast from the East, meeting up with storm Emma, to deliver the apocalypse sometime on Thursday night and in the meantime what we’re getting, is just getting worse.


Maybe I’m overreacting. Perhaps the sense of impending terror that RTE news has induced in me, is starting to make me lose the plot, I’m not sure. But you never know, I still have to drive home and anything can happen.  If you don’t hear from me in ten hours, don’t bother sending out a search party. While there are strictly speaking no wolves in Ireland, going by the weather forecast, every stretch of water between here and the Baltic will be frozen solid, so the wolves will just walk here. Like I say don’t come looking for me, it won’t be safe. Just assume the wolves have got me.
Or worse still… Oh my God what about the bears – (that we don’t strictly have here yet – the same rule applies like the wolves).  I completely forgot about the bears.  I should never have watched The Revenant – Damn you Leonardo DiCaprio! Now I can’t get that image out of my head. What image? – Look it up if you haven’t seen the movie, it’s the only part worth watching anyway and I won’t be spoiling it for you. According to the forecast- if you haven’t seen it by now…you’re probably too late…

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19 thoughts on “Brace yourself…and damn you Leonardo DiCaprio….

  1. Made me laugh. You actually got the snow. We had about a teacup full of it that drifted down between ten in the morning and dinner time. That was it. Temperature’s rising, the Spanish anticyclone’s belting north, and the Beast has gone home. First time Spain beat Russia at anything, I’d say.

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  2. I do love those videos, and today’s were great. We too have snow – and thunder and lighting which was a surprise – I had to drive home from child-sitting this morning – Mum is a nurse on a 12 hour night shift – somebody has to do it! The secret to driving safely in snow? Wait until everybody has given up the roads as un-passable, and then get out your fancy sports coupe, ignore people who say it can’t cope, and proceed slowly and carefully up hills of sheet ice on packed snow. She isn’t just pretty, my car; she’s 3 litres of power with trimmings. I’d pop over and give you a lift home, Patrick, but I expect the ferries are cancelled and I doubt the ice would take the weight quite yet. Forget bread and have a drink. 🙂

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    1. We rarely get it this bad. I remember 2010 and 1982 which was insane and tomorrow is expected to be even worse.. but we will be grand of course.. the weather forecasters love this ☘️😂🎈


  3. Hilarious Patrick – the conversations at work yesterday were all about the UK’s inability to prepare for snow – yet not one of us had done as much as buy a snow shovel. 🙃🙃

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  4. Your post brought back some bizarre memories, chief among them the old geezer who swam every day in the roped-off area of the Serpentine at Hyde Park. I recall one especially frosty January morning, five of us sitting around a table drinking gallons of hot tea in the park cafe, watching this man repeatedly dive in and swim the length. Perhaps he’ll show up in your neck of the woods this week. And as someone from the winter-heavy nation of Massachusetts, I just want to say, you can never really be 100% ready for winter. Ice dams will build and bring your gutters crashing down, the furnace will die (tho only on a Saturday at midnight), and a snow mountain will appear where your car used to be–perhaps it’s still in there, only hours of Herculean labor to dig through will tell.

    Better put the kettle on and get out the Jameson’s.

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  5. Funny, Patrick. I enjoyed your post. Made me laugh. I hear they’ve closed the schools. Why did I watch The Road last night with Rigor Mortison? Sorry, Vigoor Mortison. Or the documentary about all the cyclical climate disasters ever to befall mankind? The cold, the flooding, the cannibals, it’s too much.

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  6. Hilarious stuff. In one paragraph you talked about being sensible and having a wazz before you leave the house. The next sentence referred to a “Yellow Alert” and my mind conflated the two — but you never know maybe your iPhone or car techie stuff can tell you you need a wazz before you know it: sending you a Yellow Alert!!

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