…the very smile and quip and jest of me…

…the very smile and quip and jest of me…

There can be nothing more beautiful than a smile on the face of your darling. I have a very special darling in my life, yet I use the term with caution.  Darling is an old word and from my understanding, its origin points to the term ‘favourite minion’. My love is no minion for she is indeed mighty. Time, custom and practice have altered the meaning of the word however, and for me the modern intention of the word is more suitable.

Yet,that she is dear to me, is an insufficient expression of how much my darling means to me. I have never placed my happiness into the hands of another. That hefty chore is a responsibility that will always rest on my shoulders. My love, is given to a girl who adds to my life in a way that tricked my imagination. I thought my mind could explore the world unfettered by restriction, yet she fooled me, surprised me by showing me what true love really means, and it is something I honestly could never have imagined if left to my own devices. She has outsmarted my senses, overwhelmed my defences and enhanced my life.

Today  I slipped away to work under the cover of early morning darkness before she awoke. This day is special for it is her birthday. If anyone should mark or celebrate this day, it should be me and all of those whose lives she has touched, for by the mere shadow of her existence crossing our paths, we have been enriched.

thI2UP9YBEHow lucky am I to have been gifted the chance to spend my life with such a beauty. Inside and out, through and through, I am by her grace made a little lighter each day, a little kinder perhaps, a result of her soft teachings, and because of her, I possess a broader smile.

There can be no love song written, nor ode to her that can ever do justice to the girl I love. And love her I do. My other self, my sad-faced boy with a soul that broods on too many things, is enriched and enlivened with the mere touch of her hand.

We look to each other she and I. We look for each other and take care to nurture that which cannot be made. My heart is my heart, to ache or break, but she fills my heart with the joy of love that I could never have wished for.  As a young man, I dreamed of such a thing.  I thought it would never come sometimes yet here I am, immersed in the tranquility that comes from loving the finest of women.

The best of me, the rest of me, the very smile and quip, and jest of me, could never find the way to top, without my darling Jo, without my love. And so I celebrate her birthday deserving more than she, for it is me… that is the lucky one… Happy birthday Joanna…My Darling…


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12 thoughts on “…the very smile and quip and jest of me…

  1. Patrick, this has got to be the most poetic, yet sincere message of love and friendship I’ve read in recent times. For several years I’ve been creating personal birthday, valentine, anniversary and Christmas cards for my ‘darling’, but I can see if you ventured into greeting cards you’d be hard to beat. 🙂
    I’m delighted for both of you, and please pass on my very best wishes to the lovely Joanna. xx
    (Those kisses are for Joanna …)

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