My forever thing…

My forever thing…

No matter how long I’ve shared her space and watched her shine, I will never cease to be amazed and dazzled by the girl who always sparkles and makes me smile….

I have found a weightless love and it is a treasure, my pleasure, my swirl, my giggle of a girl.  She is my twinkle, my inkle, my kind of pure delight that I try with all my might to understand.   The moment she took my hand I knew and I grew ten feet tall as I watched my fall from sorrow that takes me beyond today and tomorrow and into the realm of forever.

There is no time or place, no space that can hold what I have found.  I cannot keep my feet on the ground at times and no wonder, the lightness she bestows on me.  Don’t think that tomorrow is what I’m waiting for, it will never come around.  I’ve lost my yesterdays and the opportunities I may have missed cannot be the things I allow myself to miss.  But a kiss? A simple touch of lips can last, a moment from my past that I can carry with me as I go, a thing of true elegance that can accompany me on my journey into tomorrow. My forever thing.

And what of sorrow? I cannot imagine nor contemplate another glance of a blow from that sword of pain.  It has scarred me much and as such, it has followed me from the place from whence I came and it has left me not the same, as I fear its return in the light of each new day.  I am a lone wolf who howls at the moon too soon when I am left to my own devices.  What entices me away from my solitude, what winkles in and saves me, is what I need the most, my ghost, my shadow, my everlasting peace from yesteryear and forever, my forever love and dear, my sword, my shield, my spear.

I battle through,  I muddle, all a kerfuddle but it becomes clear to me as I drown in my sea of selfish howling, that it is she who keeps me on my path.  The journey that I choose, where I can never lose because she holds my hand and keeps me safe is the journey we all face.  I feel the lightness of her weight upon my face when she smiles.

That she is love goes without question. That love is great she proves to me daily.  I am blessed that I have fallen for such sweetness and at best I can hope to hold the same hand each time I take a walk and feel the smile at the corner of my mouth as I listen to her talk of things that she commands.  And I am commanded.  I yield to her beauty, I surrender to her kindness.  I am in awe.

What takes me back destroys me or lifts my spirit, what carries me beyond I have yet to discover, but my lover? She keeps me safe, my waif, my funny girl with a sparkle all of her own, once known I can never be without.  When I turn to stardust once more, when all the world’s behind me, I will still adore the one I share my life with.  I step into my tomorrow, the one that never comes, knowing no sorrow will I bring.  I will sing and it will be a delight as my spirit takes flight, for I know she will be with me my, darling, my love, my sprite.

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