In the Picture – 7, an End of Year Update

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Tom Benson

Hello guys. As we might do for our personal websites or blogs, I thought it would be appropriate to produce an ‘end of year’ post.

Paul Ruddock started this website as a sister blog to the Facebook page, and it was a massive undertaking. He was kind enough to hand it over to the group, so the effort made has been for the benefit of the group, but never forgetting where this whole thing started.

Our founder isn’t on top form at the present time, but I’m sure he knows we’re all wishing him a speedy recovery.
Thank you for what you’ve started Paul.


In October along with Paul, and Ian, I set about the restructuring of this blog to convert it into a functional website for the IASD. A handful of aims were discussed in private messages, and then we brought in the…

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2015 Christoph Fischer Awards for Best Horror, Best Adventure, Best Comedy and Best Book

The Award Season here on my blog continues with another bunch of amazing books.   The Award for Best Horror goes to Nico Laeser for “Harmonic: Resonance”  “Harmonic Resonance” starts with a sense of urgency that never leaves the reader. It is narrated by a young woman who, since an accident, is restricted in her movements. […]