Announcing the winner of The Max Power Indie Author Story-teller Award 2015

Announcing the winner of The Max Power Indie Author Story-teller Award 2015

As a writer from Ireland, I understand the value and importance of the great art of story-telling.  When I get that sitting by the glow of a fire being read to feeling, I know the writer has cracked it.  To this end I have selected from my 100 reviews, two very special writers who made me feel this way.  The essence of good writing is the ability to tell a good story.  This year the Max Power Indie Author Story-teller Award goes jointly to two truly great tellers of tales, Nico Laeser and Christoph Fischer.  Here are my reviews of their books- But first a word about the authors.

It was never my intention to split this award but my absolute delight in reading all of their books reviewed here made it an impossible decision. As a writer, I understand how difficult the technical side of things can be, but more importantly the ability to actually tell a wonderful story is the key ingredient for reader enjoyment.  I call this a Story-teller award because these books are not just words on paper.  Nico Laeser and Christoph Fischer have an incredible natural ability to bring you into their world and I personally have seldom enjoyed reading more, than when I have had the pleasure of being told stories by these two rare talents.  While Christoph Fischer has a larger catalogue than I have reviewed to date, Nico Laeser has a new book coming out in the early 2016. I cannot recommend them higher and I urge you to discover the wonderful, intelligent, talented works of Christoph Fischer and Nico Laeser. Please take the time to read these reviews and do yourself a favour by investing in their works. Congratulations gentlemen, take a bow.

Christoph Fischer Nico Laeser

                               Christoph Fischer                     Nico Laeser



5.0 out of 5 stars Splendid, February 21, 2015

This review is from: The Healer (Kindle Edition)

I took a punt on a new author to me and I was delighted that I did. This a book has an original plot that at the same time makes you feel like you already know the chief protagonists. From the opening page you are immersed into the story and what a story. I like to be drawn into a book but I need to be kept interested and I most certainly was.

No chance of spoilers from me, I would ruin the book for you if I did. All I will say is that the story centres around Erika, who choses to seek alternative treatment for her cancer. The alternative treatment she seeks and the deceit, plot twists and intrigue that follows, just mount up. I wanted to put the book away several times but kept going back for just one more chapter. You will love the flow of this book. Perfectly paced for me, a well balanced study in character I have become a Christoph Fischer fan today. If you are the sort of person who is afraid to take a risk with a new author, you need not worry, you are in safe hands. Pick this book up and look for his next one.



5.0 out of 5 stars Original and clever, April 30, 2015

This review is from: Skin Cage (Kindle Edition)
I’ll start by using the F-word. Flippin’ great read. What a clever and original story. I can’t possibly refer to the plot without completely giving it away. This is an original piece of writing that held more than one surprise for me. It is not the usual type of book I would read but it caught me right from page one and never let go. The book for me comes in three parts and is well written. Nico Laeser tells the story of Daniel, (that’s all I can say) in the first person and initially I had no idea where it was going. That is the beauty of the book. The transitions within the story are handled with aplomb and it is truly well crafted. I have to say it is one of the best books I have read in some time. I am officially a Nico Laeser fan now and I will be looking for more from this stylish writer


5.0 out of 5 stars Touching, engaging, enjoyable., July 27, 2015

This review is from: Time to Let Go (Paperback)
This is the third book that I have read from the very talented Christoph Fischer. It is not my favourite of the three but that is hardly a slight on the book or the writer who has given me The Healer and The Gambler, both of such an incredible high standard that it is hard to compare. This story felt a little different in style for me, but nonetheless compelling for that. The subject of Alzheimer’s and how it infiltrates a family is one close to my heart having first hand experience of the illness. I have to applaud the author for demonstrating a close understanding and portrayal of the effects of what is ultimately a traumatic time for those touched by the terrible blight of the illness on a family. The characterisation here needed to be top notch and Christoph Fischer once again proves here how good a writer he is. I felt the pain, hurt, anguish and desperation as it oozes from the pages of this book. He uses such simple techniques to draw the reader in with engaging narrative and simple dialogue. I was quite touched at times here and I am generally often left cold by books that try too hard to touch me. Time to Let go does no such thing. It feels true and effortless again demonstrating the craft of a writer who knows exactly how a story should be told. I am already eyeing up my next Christoph Fischer book. an absolutely well deserved 5 stars from me.



5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, June 2, 2015

This is the second book I have read by Nico Laeser and while Skin Cage enthralled me and sent me looking for another title by the same author, Infinity has ensured he is an author I will return to time and time again. Beautifully written with a complex story on many levels, made simple by a clear narrative that kept me wanting more. There can be no doubting the talent of this writer. The devices and imagery he draws upon are so skilfully handled that I was completely in touch with him on so many levels throughout. There is depth to this book, layers that unfold and keep you looking for more. It is dark but always engaging. I believe a good book should be more radio than television, by which I mean the writer needs to conjure up images that the reader will see in his or her own way by using their imagination. I wont give away any plot except to mention that from early on, when I read about the Mudmen I knew the author was spot on in making my reading experience something special. This is my kind of book. Brilliant.




5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful story telling, July 24, 2015

This review is from: The Gamblers (Kindle Edition)
There is a wonderful connection between Christoph Fischer’s books. I read The Healer some time back and was tempted to come back for more by this stylish author. While both books are very different, it is the writers narrative style and voice that links them. There is a simplicity and authenticity that is very attractive. Here he tells the story of Ben Andrews, a man whose life is changed by fortune and continues to be changed throughout, by the choices he makes. The cover and the title say little and everything. I wont reveal plot spoilers but the transition from the opening lines on board a flight to New York right through to what is a superb ending ensured that I have another favourite author. I read this book a couple of weeks ago and have been slow to review it but in the intervening time, the story has stayed with me. I have seldom read a book that took me along the way this one did. The Gambler’s didn’t take off at 100 miles per hour but there is a gradual, growing l intensity that grabs hold of you and never lets go. Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay this writer and this book is to say that I found it somewhat addictive. I read it on holiday and literally kept sneaking a few more pages in every time I got a minute to myself. I would go further than to say pick up The Gamblers if you want a wonderfully written story. Having read two Christoph Fischer books, I now have a third on my Kindle so I have to say, take your pick, you can’t go wrong. There is even a nice introduction to ‘The Healer’ thrown in at the end to tempt you to another book I heartily recommend from a genuinely great story teller in a slightly old-fashioned sense, which is a good thing, The Gamblers is one of my favourite reads this year.
Coming soon from Nico Laeser



‘Harmonic: Resonance’

The whole world is waiting for the gates of Hell to open; at least half of them wait on their knees, praying for it to be quick, praying to a god that not even the dead can say exists.

I have done all I can to prepare. All I can do now is wait with the rest. I don’t know if anyone will make it through, or if anyone will ever listen to this recording. I’m sure that everyone’s version of events will be different, but the end will most likely be the same for us all. They are everywhere now, strange variations of the basic demonic form—horns, talons, and teeth. They too are waiting for the transition, the next convergence.

My name is Emily. I am twenty-three years old, and I will probably not make it to twenty-four. I don’t know what I’m hoping to achieve with this recording, if anything, but I have no one left to talk to, so you’ll have to do…




Other books by Christoph Fischer
The Luck of the Weissensteiners (The Three Nations Trilogy Book 1)Sebastian (The Three Nations Trilogy Book 2)The Black Eagle Inn (The Three Nations Trilogy Book 3)
In Search of A RevolutionConditioned (Conditions Series ) (Volume 2)Conditions (Conditions Series Book 1)
Christoph Fischer  Nico Laeser
                         CHRISTOPH FISCHER                  NICO LAESER



Max Power’s books include, Darkly Wood, Larry Flynn Bad Blood and Little Big Boy

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19 thoughts on “Announcing the winner of The Max Power Indie Author Story-teller Award 2015

  1. What brilliant recommendations. I have just read each review and am now chomping at the bit to read works by both authors. Nico was already on my radar, as I’ve read wonderful comments about his books and writing ability. I hadn’t heard about Christoph’s work, so thank you for highlighting it.

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  2. Reblogged this on Write-Escape and commented:
    I have to agree with Max Power’s choice for winning authors today. I have read a book by both Mr. Fischer and Mr. Laeser and loved them. Don’t be afraid to pick up any of their works. Thye are both talented authors, and I for one plan on reading everything they write.


  3. A typically magic Max way to deal with the issue – great decision Patrick. I’ve read and was impressed by Nico’s Skin Cage, and I’ve got Christoph’s The Healer on my TBR … waiting.
    When my projects are further on I’ll be reading both of these guys. Excellent decision.

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  4. Great choices. I’ve read The Gamblers by Christopher Fischer and loved it. He really is a great story teller. Nico’s Skin Cage is on my list too. I took a peek and found it compelling too and very well written. Such a talented bunch of writers.

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