The Max Power Book Awards ; My five star reads… (ed.3)

In advance of the 2015 Max Power Book Awards I would like to remind book lovers of some of the great books I have read by reposting here some of the five star reads I have enjoyed on the way to posting my 100th review on amazon. Pick one of these wonderful Indie books today and discover a whole new world of talent.



5.0 out of 5 stars Understanding horror, October 27, 2015

This book does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a collection of three short stories and each one is a little gem in their own right. I am a fan of a good scary story and the author clearly understands the requirements of a writing a quality horror story. Many authors fail to fully appreciate just what is needed, fear, surprise, suspense, mystery and even an element of spoiler to prepare you for the fright. Lacey Lane hits the target every time. The writing is crisp, the dialogue clever and sultry at times, there is an element of adult content, so be warned if you are not expecting it but it all comes together very nicely to create a great little book that is superb value for money. I downloaded this and read almost straight away. I had intended to dip my toe in and come back to it later but got sucked in and read in one sitting. Definitely one for Halloween but seriously this one is going to be a good read anytime. I would love to read a full horror novel from this particular author, something to get my fangs into….


5.0 out of 5 stars Compelling, May 7, 2015

This review is from: Betrayal (Kindle Edition)
My kind of book. I completely loved it. Dark and compelling. This has what I want in a book, great characterisation, believable dialogue and a super narrative. I love character driven books and I simply adore an anti-hero. Helen the central character in this story is so very flawed and the way Sharon Brownlie gradually brings her to salvation (in my eyes anyway) is brilliant. It starts with a violent scene but the book never crosses into gratuitous violence for me and I like that. It does contain other violent scenes as it is the story of a damaged woman addicted to drugs and who is dealing with the emotional and physical scars that result from the abuse she suffered as a child. It is often a tough read but all the better for it. I couldn’t put this book down. No plot spoilers but get this book. It is original, superbly paced and I want more.


5.0 out of 5 stars A lovely collection, April 7, 2015

This is a lovely book of short stories and flash fiction by Paul Ruddock with a few guest writers thrown in for good measure. It is a thoroughly enjoyable collection of stories, plenty of variety and entertaining throughout. The style for me was somewhat old-fashioned which I like and indeed there is also a great sense of the writer’s origin, in that the stories were for me reminiscent of an older generation of classic British writers, again- a good thing. I read this book over a couple of days as it was easy to dip in and out of the tales which are short and pithy. This is the first collection of stories from Paul Ruddock and I know he will go on to produce even more fine work. It is also a book whose proceeds are going to a worthy cause, another reason to pick this lovely collection of stories up today.


5.0 out of 5 stars A well told story, May 25, 2015

This review is from: Joshua’s Island: Revised Edition
I dipped my toe into Joshua’s Island, only realising after I started that I was perhaps not the intended target audience. That being said if anything the fact that it is a YA book and I still enjoyed it, says a lot for the story-telling ability of the author. Told from two different perspectives, Joshua and Eve, this is a book that will connect with many because of the subject matter, bullying. Skilfully handled but more importantly from my perspective it gave me what I want most from a book, a good story well told. While dealing with an important and sensitive matter, it is never preachy not does it lose itself in sentimentality. The world is cruel as the victim of bullying and Patrick Hodges captures the pain and anguish suffered by the main character Joshua perfectly. I enjoyed Joshua’s Island and expect there is much more to come from Patrick Hodges.


5.0 out of 5 stars Sharp and intelligent, July 9, 2015

Simple but not simplistic, sharp and intelligent, I really enjoyed this tale of a killer on the loose in Florida who likes to kill when it rains. Giving different points of view, the author switches seamlessly, telling the story from different perspectives, and it is not something that I have often seen done with such aplomb. I read this book sitting in the sun on my vacation and it was perfect. My mother-in-law is 90 and no longer reads for her self and she loves this type of story so I began telling her the shortened version of each chapter and she also enjoyed it, so much so, I was pestered every day to tell her then next instalment, high praise indeed believe me. The pace of the book is perfectly balanced and while it took me several days to read it, that was down to other distractions and I constantly wanted to get back to where I had left off. In order to successfully see different point of views, the author has had to occasionally use long passages of narrative and while it can be distracting if not handled correctly, here we see how it should be done. Essentially and importantly, at the heart of the book is a great story and that for me is the most important thing in any book. This is the first book I have read by Mike Billington, but I can promise it won’t be the last. Great read, pick it up.



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