A reblog for Darkly Wood week …Even monkeys fall from trees you know…

Maxpower's Blog

I recalled my first, heat filled fumble with a young lady who shall remain nameless, pressed up against a tree in the Phoenix Park as I tried to reimagine the moment to use in the sequel to Darkly Wood, The woman who never wore shoes.  I say lady and of course there are those who might argue that the very fact she was engaged with me in rather unladylike encounter disavows her of that title.  I disagree, after all I still consider myself a gentleman and I chalk those teenage experimental transgressions down to the vagaries of growing up.

Looking back, trying to draw on the memory for just a short but important piece in my book, I realised how serious I was and how funny it is in hindsight.   It was raining and we had sheltered beneath a big old horse chestnut tree far from prying eyes. …

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