Sometimes you surprise yourself 

Sometimes you surprise yourself 

It’s funny, when I wrote Darkly Wood I had a notion of a sequel, but I wasn’t sure. As I delved deeper into the wood as I was writing last weekend, I finally conceded that there would have to be a third book.

I didn’t set out with number three in mind.  I had my beginning, middle and end generally planned and then I let myself go. 

Darkly Wood is such a special place for me as a writer.  It really draws me in as I go and I have discovered a very special secret.  Of course I can’t tell you.

Importantly I wanted the sequel to not only connect to the original, I wanted it to stand alone. At this stage I can’t reveal much except to say, there are ties to the original but someone new and wonderfully dark has arrived in the little village of Cranby and he has made it necessary to write a third book. 

I must admit I’m pleasantly surprised. Both books have been incredible fun to write. 

I will in due course announce news of cover and title, but for fans of the original Darkly Wood, I am aiming even higher with book two.  If you haven’t discovered the original, now is a good time to start.  It’s terrible keeping the secrets that this new one holds, I’m bursting to tell – but I can keep a secret… or can I .. Watch this space because I’m wavering… 

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