Every picture tells a story

Every picture tells a story

Little Big Boy cover reveal..
..Long before I finish writing a book, I have an idea in my head as to how the cover will look.  It never ends up quite how I first imagine because while the concept always comes from the writing, the translation to an image is something I leave to my very talented daughter.

For Darkly Wood, I simply gave her a notional sense of what I wanted and she created what is a stunning and simple representation of the feeling that I wanted to evoke.  Cover design is for me, as much about emotion as imagery.  I want my book covers to be suggestive of something but not too revealing.  Maybe this is because it suits my story telling style.  I like to tease, entice and I never really want to let the reader in on the full secret until the moment is right.

The closeness of our father-daughter bond helps in that above and beyond her talent, she gets me.  There are few people in this world who can claim to really know me but for sure she is one of them.  When I wanted the drama that is her design for the cover of Larry Flynn, once again she stunned me with her translation of the elements I wanted to incorporate on the cover of my book.  It is full of subtleties and bold images all at the same time.  Indeed I think it is perhaps the most striking of her designs.

For Bad Blood she was given an entirely different, less clear concept to portray as suits the story. As always, she hit the nail right on the head and delivered just the right hint of the concept.  Beyond that I have some very rigid guidelines that I insist we work within and somehow, time after time she delivers.  I don’t even always want the same amount of detail and I change my mind like you would not believe but somehow she delivers exactly what I want.

My next book to be released hopefully in late March is now in the editing- re-editing phase and Little Big Boy needed something special.  As with all books sometimes the imagery on the cover makes more sense in the reading, but while again we began with a simple concept, where it has ended up is I have to say, something beyond what I had hoped for.

All artists have to let go of at least some element of their work and for me it is the cover design.  I know it is an area where many authors struggle, while others simply out-source the job to someone else without a second thought.  I am blessed to have the confidence to be able to entrust this very important part of my work, to someone who is not just talented but to someone I trust, love and admire.  Here you see the cover design for ‘Little Big Boy’ ….
Ciara Power… Take a bow.


Little Big Boy is due for release late March 2015 For more details keep checking in to my blog or find details on facebook.com/maxpowerbooks or on twitter @maxpowerbooks

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