Sneaky Peeks… A reblog for Darkly Wood week

Sneaky Peeks… A reblog for Darkly Wood week

A little piece of someone else found me and crept inside my heart.   It is such a secret maze of mine, so private and set apart so no one can see inside.  Yet she found her way in still.  I’m fond of being the smiley face, the one with a quip just lingering on my lips waiting for the opportunity to escape and it has always been that way.

But inside that secret place, it can get very dark and sometimes cold so I always need a spark to keep the flame alive.  I found mine and what a change it has made to my life.

Love is a tricky intricate thread and so often people spend a lifetime trying to pass it through a needle with a closed eye. Sometimes we get lucky and I know I have been one of the fortunate ones.

In writing a sequel to my lovely Darkly Wood, I have started to play with that thread as I often do when I write.  Song writers need to get their point across in such a short space of time.  They generally write their best stuff early on in their careers when their emotions are virgin and raw and they discover how it feels to be overwhelmed for the first time.  Time heals everything and with love songs they are always best raw from the emotion of the writer’s heart.  Be it desire, passion, love, lust, angst, spite, vitriol or despair, it is always best served fresh in a song.

Time can be a killer for a good love song. But Story tellers like me, can luxuriate in time and wallow in the depth of experience. Unlike the song writer we can spend time expressing not just the Tsunami when it hits, but the aftermath and the residual effect on the lives of those touched by, drenched in, or drowned by the overwhelming thing that we call love.

I am editing a rather dark story at the moment which on the face of it is as far from a love story as you can imagine, yet it is there right at the heart of it again as always. I have written about this before, how love is a central theme in nearly every book I have read or written, even when the writer does not intend it to be. I have read several very different books recently and again be it familial love, romantic love, the love that we find in friendship and comradery, or the absence of love, every story had it there, clear as day.

For sure I am obsessed. I wear it on my sleeve and I bleed it into the words I write.  Hopefully it makes me a better writer. The reason I write is because I love to write. Maybe that passion is part of it I don’t really know.  Most of us draw a veil around that part of us we want to keep secret and safe.   The songs that have touched me and the books I have adored, allowed me to peek inside, just a tiny peek sometimes but the true greats have let me inside and I am the better for it.

May I be so lucky as to touch a heart and to hold a hand on a journey to the end.  If I achieve this  with my stories, then my work is done. As I trickle out the sequel to Darkly Wood, that is my desire and my intent, so I may draw back the curtain and let you peek inside, but just a little sneaky peek mind and if you have read the first book you will know to hold your breath and be careful.  I may be in love, but I still have a dark side.

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