Awkward questions

They always come up. Most of mine came from my children or from girls way too pretty for me when I was a teenager. Thankfully they get fewer as I get older. My favourite came from my now adult daughter when she was five.

She was eating cereal and watching TV at the time and without taking her eyes from the television, between mouthfuls of Rice Krispies she began..

“Dad.. You know the way I grew in Mammy’s tummy…” This of course set me on full alert, so I ingeniously answered .. ” eeeeyesssss””.. She continued.. “So that makes her my Mammy…” I should have seen it really but I didn’t and she completed her convoluted question…” So why are you my Daddy?”

Now I could have explained in terms of seeds and planting or perhaps used the God/angel approach. I could have gone for the stork or some kind of magical story (she was only five after all) but I didn’t! Before I tell you what I answered I want you to ponder the question and consider how you might answer a 5 year old. Got it? .. Well for someone who has bravery at the heart of most of my books I completely chickened out. “Your Mammy will tell you.” I told her and quietly slipped out of range…. Best answer ever!

Awkward questions eh? I can deal with them in literary terms but in real life? Mmmmmmm.

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