To be or not to be…?

I used to be a social-mediaphobe. Now I am on Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn……. I wasn’t just not engaged with social media, I was an active critic. So what has changed? Certainly not me.  Well maybe just a bit.

I think that like most people, I can adapt when the circumstances demand it. In my case, the circumstance was becoming an independently published author. Not sure if I even like the term ‘Indie author’ sounds like I should be listening to music I wouldn’t normally listen to, but there you go..

So, am I changed forever? Will I revel in and allow social media to become an even bigger part of my life? Who knows. Need’s must, people change, we are driven to change by circumstance… Will I someday turn against the very media that I currently embrace?  Am I of this generation now or just pretending for a while?  Am I alone in this?  What do you think?

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