Learner blogger

Somehow I didn’t see myself blogging a few weeks back, yet here I am. ‘L’ plates required for sure. The first question that came to mind was, what do I blog about. Honestly it puzzled me and then I began to think why I wanted to blog in the first place.


Some people seem to like to offer advice or opinion on relevant and indeed sometimes less relevant matters. Not for me although nothing wrong with this. I’m just not sure I give good advice and I am overly fond of expressing opinion in general so I should give that a rest.


No this L-plated blogger might just have to be a bit more random. I’ve plenty of ideas but time is always a struggle. Full time job, writing a new book, editing my lovely ‘Darkly Wood’ hard proof copy to squeeze out the final errors and editing the latest book ‘Larry Flynn’ due for release at the end of the month – really time is the clincher.


But I recently had a brief online chat with a fellow author in which I referred to the philosophy of doing rather than talking about doing, on the back of the notion that a writer writes so a doer does..  I want to do.. so here we go…. wish me luck and I will try to develop this blog as I go and with a bit of luck entertain along the way …


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